I’ve added more than ten times as much box office data to the site and improved the accuracy of what is already there.

I relied on a large variety of sources to find data for movies from 1913 to 2022. The result is a good picture of the popularity at the domestic box office for nearly a century.

This data has allowed me to publish a sortable, filterable all-time box office table that I believe is the only one of its kind with its scope. As of right now, raw gross and estimated ticket sales data is live for approximately 1,500 films.

Follow this link for the all-time box office table

I have also updated my lists of the Biggest Blockbusters and Mega Money Makers through history. These show the evolution of the top ten box office hits charts through time. It’s fascinating to see how many record-breakers have been virtually forgotten today.

The biggest loser from this update: Avatar. According to the best available data, “only” 74.5 million tickets were sold for the film in the U.S. and Canada, including the 2022 re-release. The data I used to build the list in 2019 showed more than 90 million tickets.

We’ll have to see how Avatar 2 does this fall.

Adam Call Roberts

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