ALL-TIME BOX OFFICE (by dollars) The charts below show the top ten movies of  All-Time Box Office, as they would have been calculated at the end of each calendar year. The dollar amounts are for domestic gross only. (U.S. and Canada) Many high-ranking films have been released multiple times over the past century, and the [...]

200 Greatest Fantasy Films of All TimeFantasy is one of cinema's oldest genres -- Georges Méliès made beautiful magic in the 19th Century. But while filmmakers created indelible classics and unforgettable worlds through the 1900s, fantasy didn't become a reliable blockbuster bet until the 21st Century. This list explores the evolution and milestones of fantasy [...]

It’s long been understood that Stanley Kubrick’s oeuvre tells stories of violence. But what often gets lost is that Kubrick’s focus is not on violence in general, but on violence that is particularly male in nature. Take Dr. Strangelove as an example: In the twisted logic of the film, violence feeds on itself, begetting more [...]