ALL-TIME BOX OFFICE (by dollars) The charts below show the top ten movies of  All-Time Box Office, as they would have been calculated at the end of each calendar year. The dollar amounts are for domestic gross only. (U.S. and Canada) Many high-ranking films have been released multiple times over the past century, and the [...]

Audition (2000) - dir. Takashi Miike I love horror films with a slow, patient build. Audition is the best at this I've ever seen. It follows the same basic pattern as Hitchcock's The Birds. The first 90 minutes of a film with a 115-minute running time plays like an elegiac romance. Aoyama is a lonely [...]

Daisies - aka Sedmikrásky (1966) - dir. Vera Chytilová Sedmikrásky (or Daisies) is an iconic feminist, absurd film from the Czechoslovak New Wave.  Director Věra Chytilová comes from the grand tradition of Dada -- she doesn't so much break from traditional film convention as she does rip it apart and only pretend to put it back [...]
Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom (1961) - dir. Michael Powell Peeping Tom is about Mark Lewis, a focus puller for a movie production crew.  He constantly carries a camera with him, and uses a hidden dagger in the tripod's leg to stab women's throats while filming their frightened faces for a documentary. Michael Powell's commentary is deliciously complex. [...]
Katharine Ross in The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives (1975) - dir. Bryan Forbes Sexism "Feminism" in Hollywood is often code for "give her boots and a gun."  From the silent era to Sucker Punch, female characters exist primarily to cater to male fantasies.  In 1975, The Stepford Wives pit real women against their fake replacements and well, nothing much has [...]