ALL-TIME BOX OFFICE (by dollars) The charts below show the top ten movies of  All-Time Box Office, as they would have been calculated at the end of each calendar year. The dollar amounts are for domestic gross only. (U.S. and Canada) Many high-ranking films have been released multiple times over the past century, and the [...]
Otto Dix (1891–1969) . Storm troopers advancing under a gas attack from the portfolio War 1924.

World War I’s impact on modern art and philosophy are well documented. The Victorian Age took human progress for granted. The Enlightenment idea that rationality would continuously improve and perfect civilization ruled. That view of the world died, along with 16 million people. The universe seemed broken, and death reigned. Otto Dix (1891–1969) . Storm [...]

Two of King Vidor's late silent films are early landmarks in genre. 1925's The Big Parade, much moreso than Griffith's Birth of a Nation laid down the template for war films, World War films in particular. 1928's The Crowd gives us the biopic of the ordinary man. The Big Parade follows the story of an American boy who enlists to [...]