Unboxing the box set version of The Long-Lost Autobiography of Georges Méliès. [NOT paid for – I purchased the box set myself and the publisher doesn’t know I’m making this video]

The box set includes the new English translation of the French filmmaking pioneer’s autobiography, along with art prints, a 35mm film strip, reproductions, pins, and other goodies. Méliès was cinema’s first true artist, and is considered the father of fantasy and sci-fi films. He’s most famous for A Trip to the Moon, but made more than 500 short films during his career.

More on the autobiography box set: https://www.georgesmelies.co.uk/the-box-set

More on Georges Méliès: http://www.filmsranked.com/greatest-films-from-every-year/1896s-greatest-films/

Adam Call Roberts

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